Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Singapore Tat2 Show 2010 Press Conference at Velvet Underground


I was at Velvet Underground last night to film the press conference of Singapore Tat2 2010 Show, Singapore's foremost and Asia's largest tattoo show which opens on 8 to 10 January 2010 at Singapore Expo.

At the press conference, we were given a preview performance of Rubber Boy, the Most Flexible Man Alive and threetime Guinness World Record holder. Show organizers Kirby Lian and Debra Tan, as well as celebrity VIPs Chris Garver, Kim Saigh and Matt Booth were also there for interviews.


Filming the lovely Kim Saigh of the reality series L.A. Ink.


Daniel Browning Smith aka Rubber Boy! This guy can really flex his body into really impossible positions. He can bend so far backwards that he can kiss his own butt! Don't try that at home! He will be putting an amazing and hilarious show at the Singapore Tat2 Show 2010 on 9 January from 2pm to 2.30pm.


I also filmed Chris Garver the star of Miami Ink. It was a pleasure to finally meet the guy. I love Miami Ink and watching the likes of Chris on the show makes me wanna have my own tattoo! Yes, I'm tattooless! This is Chris' second time at the Singapore Tat2 show. He was here last year.


Me and Chris!!! What a night!

The videos taken last night will be on Klik.TV later today. Watch out for it soon.

Update: Videos are now online on Klik.TV.

(Thanks Gerri for the pics)


Gerri said...

My pleasure Darling! I say you go hit on his gf so I can hit on him!

chloe said...

Chris's smile n IZ's hair are gorgeous!

IZ: look forward ur tattoo hey,dude!

Lilet said...

Haha I was at Expo yesterday evening!