Saturday, January 09, 2010

Techniques to use plasters on your fingers and other non-joint areas of your body


Does your plaster keep coming off? When it encounters water, does your plaster fall off easily? Don’t worry, you just have to follow the instructions below!

1. What u need is plaster and scissors
2. Cut the plaster according to the diagram
3. It’s done!

But wait, you must also learn how to paste it!

1. For non-joint area: Firstly, cross the top left wing to the bottom right direction. Then, cross the top right wing to the bottom left direction. Lastly, hold the bottom left and right wings together in a parallel manner. Yay, it’s done!

2. For joint area: To start with, cross the top left wing to the up right direction. After that, cross the top right wing to the up left direction. Do the same for the bottom left and right wings. Done!

By doing this, it will prevent water from getting into the plaster while bathing, swimming or showering and prevents it from falling off easily.

(Thanks Annie for the graphics and translation)


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Non-joint area? Hmm.....

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best post!!!!!!