Monday, March 03, 2008

Japan uses bikini idol to promote Bee Movie

Only in Japan will you see a popular bikini idol wearing a low-cut bee costume, promote an animated film meant for kids. Dang! I would go catch the Bee Movie if they had done this roadshow here in Singapore. Too bad.

(Thanks xXx)


Johnny Q said...

She's sooooo hot!!!

Bengster said...

AKi Hoshino! My jap bikini idol loh.

Mr Big said...

I love Japan :oP

linger said...

she's 30 yrs old but yet has such a baby face n a body that we girls wld die for.

Terry said...

Sting me Aki. Sting me.

Anonymous said...

johnny: She's sooooo hot!!!

bengster: AKi Hoshino! My jap bikini idol loh.

mr big: I love Japan :oP

terry: Sting me Aki. Sting me.

chloe: a gang of hilarious boys huh! lol


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