Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Woman stuck to the toilet

When I first heard this over the radio yesterday, I thought it was some joke but today I came across various news stories that confirm it is indeed true.

A woman was found stuck to the toilet seat. Apparently, she has been seating on the toilet so long that her body became fused to the seat. Yup, wtf! From KTKA (check out the quicktime video of the story too):
When police arrived, they found a 35-year-old woman stuck on the toilet, but she wasn't tied or bound. Instead, police say she had sat on the toilet for what could have been more than a month, causing her muscles and legs to form around the seat. Investigators also believe she hadn't left the bathroom for more than two years...

Because the woman was on the toilet for so long, medics had to break off the toilet seat, which was still attached to the woman, and take her to a hospital.
How could this happen? A skin doctor says it's natural for skin to grow around things. Crikey! From The Body Odd:
“It’s analogous to a couple of things,” says Dr. Daniel Aires, director of the division of dermatology at the University of Kansas Hospital. “One of them would be a splinter. When someone gets a splinter in the skin, the skin grows around it. Another thing that’s similar is an earring or piece of large tribal jewelry, like you see people wearing now. The skin is very happy to grow around things – that’s a natural process.”
Gosh, next time I should be careful not to sit on the toilet for too long. Don't want my ass to become one with the toilet.

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