Monday, March 17, 2008

Old SBC Chinese TV Drama Opening Titles

esp78 has a couple of old Chinese drama opening titles from the good old SBC Channel 8 days. My favourite has to be The Last Swordsman (clip above). I remember I watched the entire season - and I was hooked to it - thanks to my colleague who passed me her old VHS recordings. I don't know why I love it so much - the captivating storyline or maybe it's the sight of the evil transvestites (led by the Purple Killer) showing off their martial arts skills.

Oh, I found out that MobTV has the entire season online! I wanted to subscribe to their service so that I can watch The Last Swordsman again on my pc but I read that their videos have some stupid DRM so I'm hesitating. But darn, I wanna watch the Purple Killer in action again. Argh!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there. I found your site via google.

I watched this series when I was younger too. Im not a Singaporean but I spent my childhood days growing up watching SBC 8 chinese dramas.

Have you found alternative leads where we can watch this series online?


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