The end of corporate blogging?

Executives who are writing corporate blogs are beginning to find out that maintaining a blog and running a business at the same time is no easy task. From Wichita Business Journal:
"It's far easier to start a blog than to keep one going," said John Dragoon, chief marketing officer at Waltham-based Novell Inc.

"I try to do it consistently but oftentimes I can't do it," conceded Waltham-based Black Duck Software Inc. CEO Doug Levin. "I don't blog for blogging's sake. I blog when I have something to say."

Levin, a self-proclaimed blogophile, said he simply doesn't have the time to blog daily.

"I used to do it every Wednesday, but then I began travelling on Wednesday. Now I will write into my calendar "blogging event?" and I will prepare in advance, taking mental notes or physical notes," he said.


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