Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Girl seeks guy to act as her boyfriend

The girl who posted this ad on Craiglist Singapore is looking for a guy to act as her boyfriend. Raise your hand if you like to play the boyfriend. From Craiglist:
i am looking for a male who can act convincingly as my boyfriend so i can scare someone off. :) Timeframe is for about 1 mth, once a week (in total 3-4) matinee appearances.

Good chemistry (visual compatibility physically and mental compatibility in conversations) between us is essential; so that the act is convincing. I am doing this for the first time - yes why would i be doing this when i've never had a boyfriend, never dated, etc etc - :) "hell hath no fury than a woman scorned".

If you are keen to take on this role, please kindly email me. For interested guys, you should be single. :) Straight gay bi thai, doesn't matter. if we turn out good friends, it would be wonderful. i will treat you to a meal for each appearance. :)
Come on guys! Got free meals! Go apply and good luck.

(Thanks Johnny Q)

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