Monday, August 14, 2006

How the Back To The Future Time Vehicle works

Dude who owns a cool Back To The Future DeLorean, explains how the original time vehicle works. From Mark Shields:

80 MPH. Flux dispersal coils emit blue light as the car begins to phase-shift from standard space-time.

81 MPH. Spent plasma begins to vent from rear dispersal coils. Phase shift continues although vehicle still exists in standard space-time.

82 MPH. Phase induction array mounted on top of time machine aligns the phase shift with photonic energy. Dispersal coils are irradiated and bright blue.

83 MPH. Spatial interference energy begins to form as a result of focused photonic energy and the pending phase shift through space-time. Photons begin to encircle vehicle.

84 MPH. Spent plasma begins to vent from front dispersal coils (around tire area). Plasma emitting this low near the tires will allow the vehicle to pass through a temporal rift without damaging the tires...
(Thanks Rob)

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