Monday, August 21, 2006

National Day Rally experience

Vincent Tan, an engineer/scientist was one of the folks attending the National Day Rally. He writes on his blog about his experience at the rally and his thoughts of PM Lee's speech. From Scientist wannabe:
It was my first time at the National Day Rally. Indeed, it was an eye-opener to see so many high-powered individuals congregate at a single location. Normally at events, there's only one Guest-of-Honour. At the rally, in every direction you look, you see a minister, an MP or a senior civil servant.

It was a speech that somewhat cemeted the fact that we're firmly into PM Lee's prime ministership. That he wants to steady the ship. Instead of introducing several policies, PM's speech was more of a pep-talk this time, to explain some of the actions the government has taken and to chart the general direction of Singapore's future. Nothing concrete, yet entertaining and motivating as usual. Spoke to several of our nations political leaders. SM Goh commented that I look young for my age, certainly not an uncommon comment on me. I felt that Chris de Souza is an affable, young MP who's genuinely concerned about the inclusiveness about our society.

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