Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bitch about your boss!

Boss Bitching is a user driven social content website that allows anonymous postings of stories about bosses. Posts can be made about a current boss or someone from a previous job. You can rate posts and when the posts get the most ratings, they will be promoted to the front page, Digg style. From Boss Bitching:
For a year I worked my ass off for him. Writing reports and creating presentations, taking phone calles and leaving messages. After the first year, he said “great job”, but “my hands are tied”. I didn’t get the raise. About a month later, he got a new title and a new office. I moved with him so he coud “keep me close”.

The next two years were more of the same. Except after year three, I and all my co-workers were called into a meeting. The president announced that the presentation that my boss had “created” had caused quite the buzz. He was made Vice-President and was given a company car. 10 minutes after the meeting my boss took me for coffee and said “thanks for the help, but I’ve taken you as far as you can go. Here’s a cheque for one month’s pay, your stuff will be delivered to your home”
So what are you waiting for? Go bitch about your boss now!

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