Sunday, August 06, 2006

How to get banned from Digg

Digg users who try to add friends at a very quick rate may be banned from using the site. From rnbmd:
I got banned from Digg today. Apparently, I was adding friends at a rate of speed that raised "red flags" at Digg Headquarters. They thought I was using a bot or a script in order to add friends automatically. As far as I know, there are no bots that perform this function, and I do not have the technical ability to write a script to do so. I just used Firefox and an extension called Linky that lets you open multiple links at once...

According to the friendly staff at Digg Headquarters, I was adding friends at the rate of 1 per second using this ingenious method. I didn't think I was THAT fast!

Anyway, all of these shenanigans resulted in me getting banned (temporarily) from Digg. The staff of Digg, in all their benevolence, decided to reinstate me with a stern warning not to add friends so fast in the future.
(Thanks chocsaltyballs)

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