Friday, November 17, 2006

Dude loses his Star Wars virginity

US magazine Entertainment Weekly challenged one of its readers, who'd never seen any of the Star Wars movies, to watch all 14 hours of Cinemax's recent marathon. From
The Challenge was simple: Lose my virginity. More specifically, my Star Wars virginity. This was something I had held for so long that I had developed a sort of pride about it. It made me unique in this vast world of passionate and eccentric fans. Was now the time? Would I even be ready?

Late last week I was challenged by to watch Cinamax's complete Star Wars Marathon — George Lucas' complete saga in the order in which he originally intended (Episodes I-VI). I would have to watch 14 straight hours of Star Wars all night Friday into early Saturday. With my social calendar predictably empty, I decided now would be the time to give up what so many people already have over the last 30 years. However, with my roommate not being up for the challenge, I would be being doing it alone.

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