Monday, November 20, 2006

Dude selling his laptop on eBay to get laid

You can find the strangest things sold on eBay. This one isn't that strange. After all, it is just a normal laptop but read why the dude wants to sell it away. From eBay:
Up for sale is my beloved laptop, which I unfortunately must sell as I’m in need of some desperate cash. The reason for this is that I am approaching my 21st birthday and last year I made a resolution, which was to get laid before my 21st but that didn’t work out. Therefore, I must sell my laptop so I can get enough cash to barricade an escort in my room for tense and sweaty love making experience that’s been over 2 decades over-due.
His auction ends in 10 hours time. Not bad. He has already received 15 bids. Hope he gets enough for that escort and gets laid before his 21st! Best of luck dude.

(Thanks Mr Big)

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