Monday, November 27, 2006

Top 10 Movie Spaceships lists down the top ten spaceships that have appeared in movies. From
Movie spaceships are legion, but which is the most awesome in the universe? We ranked the 10 best, completely subjectively. Some rules: We only drew from the movies (TV spaceships like the Battlestar Galactica -- which is killer -- and the Draconian Marauder from Buck Rogers don't count), and we only included legitimate spacecraft. Flying cars and unmanned rockets don't count. Turns out there are almost too many awesome spaceships to count, so we offer apologies in advance to the Borg cube, the Imperial Star Destroyer, the X-Wing Fighter, various other Star Trek and Star Wars tertiary ships, many many other cool movie cruisers, and umpteen flying saucers that just didn't make the cut.
And the number one on the list is Millennium Falcon from Star Wars!

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