Sunday, November 19, 2006

(Almost) Weekly Roundup

This week's best postings on IZ Reloaded:

Every James Bond movie trailer
Bond fans will love this! Watch all the James Bond movie trailers - from the very first James Bond film, Dr No to the latest, Casino Royale.

Gallery of Fruit and Vegetable Crate Labels
Wooden crates were used before the 1960s by farmers and distributors to ship their goods to the market. Colourful labels were glued on the ends of wooden crates to identify the contents, place or origin, and the packer's name.

Say NO to GST Hike
I'm saying NO too. I think it is unnecessary to increase the GST especially with all the rising costs in Singapore.

£10 000 Coin Domino Effect
Google video showing £10 000 worth of coins being used for a domino effect.

Animator vs Animation Part 2
The battle between the animator and his animation (stick figure) rages on!

Watch Intro Clips of 1980s Cartoons
I'm feeling very nostalgic again today so I decided to browse through YouTube for some of my favourite cartoons of the 80s. I then compiled a list of the cartoons' intro (opening credits) clips.

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