Wednesday, September 12, 2007

7.9 magnitude earthquake hits Sumatra, tremors felt in Singapore, tsunami warning issued

I thought I was sick. I was sitting in front of my HP Dragon and all of the sudden I felt a little giddy. I decided to sit still and I could actually feel my head sway. Then I looked at my door and saw it moving too. I stood up in front of the door to check if there's any wind blowing but I did not feel anything.

I suspected an earthquake. I quickly checked the news online but there was nothing. Then my friend, Isabell MSN'ed me to ask if I felt the earthquake. We are both living in the east. She thought she was imagining things.

The USGS website was first to report this as an earthquake. It says a 7.9 magnitude earthquake (now upgraded to 8.4 magnitude) struck Southern Sumatra at 7.10pm (6.10pm Sumatra local time). Both Isabell and me felt the tremor at 7.15pm. I felt the tremor for a good one minute.

On TV, Channel NewsAsia is finally reporting it now. The earthquake is reported on its website too.


"Singapore buildings sway after earthquake measuring 7.9 hits Indonesia; Indonesian authorities have issued a tsunami warning"

This is the second tremor I felt in Singapore. The first was in March this year.

Malaysia and India has joined Indonesia to issue tsunami warnings.
Several buildings in Padang, Indonesia collapsed.
An Indian-Ocean-wide tsunami watch is in in effect.
A destructive Pacific-wide tsunami is not expected and there is no tsunami threat to Hawaii.
Sri Lanka is now on tsunami alert.
Tremors felt in Malaysia and Thailand too.
9.05pm - Tsunami alert for Indonesia might be lifted in a few minutes time.
New 5.2 mag earthquake hits South Sumatra at 8.21pm Singapore time. Reuters reports it as 6.1 mag.
9.26pm - Indonesia lifts tsunami warning.


Priyan said...

This firefox addon will give you real time earthquake alerts

Anonymous said...

i hope not many lives are lost this time.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday shake very strong liao.

Anonymous said...

I'm at Bedok. The tremors were very very light here not like in other parts of Singapore.

Anonymous said...

I was saying to myself: "Oh no. Here we go again." Thank god there was no tsunami this time.

Anonymous said...

The 7.9 magnitude earthquake was upgraded to 8.4.

There have been numerous aftershocks since then.

Anonymous said...

I pray for all those who are hurt and scared and those who lost loved ones in Indonesia right now.