Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Leave Fat Britney Alone?

Oh Britney. What happened to you? For those of you who missed Britney Spear's shocking performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, click here to watch it.

Here's a picture and more.

Was Britney's outfit too revealing or was she just too fat? Anyway this is what I think. She can't dance, she can't sing, she looked horrible and she's a mess! What the hell was she thinking?

Everyone is making fun of Fat Britney now.

YouTube Link

And this has made one wacko fan really upset.

YouTube Link

"Leave Britney Alone!" cries the fan. I'm not sure if that's a he or a she. LOL. Wait I see some traces of moustache there.


Shy said...

She's totally out of shape. And worse, she's not even singing live.

Rickie said...

What the *beeep*?

Mr Big said...

Britney looks so much better in the National Lampoon's spoof.


troy said...

itz fat britney bitch!

Myra Leong said...

Oh dear. Poor Britney.

She needs to lose some weight.

And go back to do some singing lessons.

Anonymous said...


Lord Kimbo said...

Hahaha!! That fake Britney video is funny man.

Vince said...

Oooops, she did it again.

GeekGod said...

That has got to be the worse MTV Music Video Awards performance ever.

They should ban her from future MVAs for not singing live and wearing that shocking costume.

Did her advisors tell her she's too fat to wear those?

Or maybe she thinks she's not fat.

Anonymous said...

she looked out of breath at times

xXx said...

I'm not sure which is more disturbing - watching the fan or the fake britney.

gia said...

Holy shit people, that woman is not fat. She's not skinny, but that is not fat.

That said, I think the problem also has to do with her outfit, which looks like she picked it up for five bucks at Hookers-R-Us. Guess she had to fire the stylists to save money for heroin and custody lawyers.

pinkdior said...

u need to be in good shape if u are going to wear a two piece in front of millions of people watching u on tv.

she's definitely not.