Sunday, September 30, 2007

More cool t-shirts for you guys and gals!

I visited San Street at Suntec City on Friday evening to take a look at their latest arrivals.


Above: Zero Hour tees - $32.90, Zero Hour Polo Tees and long sleeves - $35.90, ALI tees - $22.90, ALI jumpers - $47.90, ALI bags with interchangeable cover - $35.90 , Extreme bags - $32.90


Above: Exgal tees - $24.90 and $26.90 (with shiny printing)

San Street informed me that there is a 20% discount when you buy a second T-shirt at its Suntec City and Queensway Shopping Centre outlets. There's also a 20% discount on all bottoms! Selected Exgal polo tees and Exgal tees are at 2 for $35 - only at Suntec. All promotions till 13 October 2007 so go grab yours quick aye. Location of the outlets here.

(Disclosure: I'm the Brand Ambassador for San Street, the distributor of Extreme, Action Ladfigure Inc and Zero Hour in Singapore. San Street is also a main sponsor of this blog.)

Zero Hour Jackets and Bags
Zero Hour T-shirts in Singapore
Zero Hour launches in Singapore!
Cool Wallets, Blets and Buckles at San Street
Presenting the San Street Contest Winners


Anonymous said...

i like the ladies tees! i wanna be a brand ambassador too! :P

Anonymous said...

I love the ladies tees!

IZ: How come you not in the photos?


Anonymous said...

Online order? I'm too lazy to go to the shop and buy. LOL.

Anonymous said...

i want to see pics of u in those t-shirts!

Anonymous said...

Ah... the t-shirts look really nice.

Anonymous said...

Got more contest or not? I want to win free t-shirt liao.

Anonymous said...

wow.. new updates when i am not around! Must visit San street this coming week!!

lord kimbo: let's go together :D

Bengster: dude, go and grab one for you urself or your girl la.

sandyonfire: cheers !!

Anonymous said...

20% on 2nd pc. The 2nd pc NEED NOT be another tee. But discount will be on lower price item. Promotional items won't be considered in the 1st/2nd pc.

Anonymous said...

wow....lovely t-shirts.I love all those t-shirts.
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