Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mr Miyagi's In My Time

I received a copy of In My Time from its publishers recently. The comic book written by our very own Mr Miyagi and illustrated by Malaysian Chua Jon Dep, recalls some of the excitement, challenges and mirth from Mr Miyagi’s time in National Service.

Mr Miyagi informed me that the book was done together with the help of Mindef. He said the idea for the book came because everyone was tired of him telling them his army stories so they suggested why not put them in a book. After talking to publisher Marshall Cavendish, together they then approached Mindef who was looking to do something for NS40. The result was Mr Miyagi's first ever comic book, In My Time.

I had a good time reading In My Time. The texts are funny thanks to Miyagi's wacky sense of humour and the comics are well drawn too. I think all NS Men will love this book because it will make them recall the memories of going through Basic Military Training, unit life and reservist.



In My Time will be available at Kinokuniya and Borders from 21 September. It costs only $9.95 so go grab a copy aye!

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