Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Georgia Bigfoot is a hoax! Yawn.


In order to protect their sorry asses, the people at Searching For Bigfoot Inc, the group that was responsible for the recent press conference of the Georgia Bigfoot originally discovered by Matthew Whitton and Ricky Dyer, have now publicly admitted that they have been duped by the two men and that the Bigfoot is indeed a costume. From Searching For BigFoot:
On August 17th, 2008 Searching for Bigfoot Team Director of Field Operations, TJ Biscardi and myself, were up early to discover that some hair was now exposed. I extracted some from the alleged corpse and examined it and had some concerns. Bob Schmalzbach arrived and concurred. We burned said sample and said hair sample melted into a ball uncharacteristic of hair.

At that time we contacted Mr. Biscardi who gave us permission to begin an expedited melting process. We set up a salamander heater to heat the freezer. Within one hour we were able to see the partially exposed head, as I was now able to touch it, I was able to feel that it seemed mostly firm, but unusually hollow in one small section. This was yet another ominous sign. Within the next hour of thaw, a break appeared up near the feet area. As the team and I began examining this area near the feet, I observed the foot which looked unnatural, reached in and confirmed it was a rubber foot.

At that point we immediately contacted, Tom Biscardi and advised him of the situation and he began to take action on his end. Later that day, Tom Biscardi informed us that both Matthew Whitton and Ricky Dyer admitted it was a costume. They reportedly agreed to sign a promissory note and admission of what they had done, and set a meeting in their hotel room in California for 8AM on August 17th, 2008.
The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization thinks that Tom Biscardi and his company Searching For Bigfoot Inc are also involved the hoax and they are just as guilty as both Matthew Whitton and Ricky Dyer. From BRFO:
This hoax was debunked last week by the BFRO, a few days before the press conference. Kulls is now trying to help himself (and the rest of Biscardi's gang -- SearchingForBigoot, Inc.), from being named as a defendant in this case, by casting himself as "the independant investigator who uncovered the hoax." This is an ongoing hoax/scam, and Kulls is part of it.

Biscardi didn't start this hoax, but instead latched onto to it once it was presented to him by his partner Steve Kulls. Lots of people make ludicrous claims like Whitton and Dyer did (and like Biscardi has done in the past more than once). The element that made this hoax attractive for Biscardi was that Whitton is a sheriff deputy. Biscardi knew this would help the story appear more believeable to the media, for a little while at least.

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Harry Knopp said...

You gotta give them credit for one thing--they've kept the country entertained for days.

By the way, USA Media Guide has Bigfoot links including the group's website, photos, the original story and the "hoax revealed story". It even has a link to a story about one of the "finders" being a former Congressional candidate. Good stuff!

The link is

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