Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's confirmed! Singtel to launch iPhone on August 22!


Singtel has finally confirmed that it will launch Apple's third-generation iPhone in Singapore on August 22! Last Thursday, in an exclusive post, I revealed that my 3 confidential sources confirmed the August 22 date and more. I also wrote that Singtel will make its announcement sometime this week. Looks like I was spot-on, so far. You can also read the post on Reuters.

Update: Singtel will open its online reservation until Aug 17. Those who registered online will get priority for the iPhones. No price for the iPhone has been announced yet but you can get some idea here.

Update: Another spot-on! Singtel has sent out emails to those who registered online informing them that the iPhone will be on sale on August 22.

Update: Official Singtel iPhone 3G Price Plans!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey buddy, do remember to update us the confirmed price plans when you get hold of them. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Well done dude!

Anonymous said...

I think the price plans will only be out next week.

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