Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Exclusive: Singtel iPhone Updates


It's only 3 more days till the much awaited 3G iPhone launch here in Singapore and I'm excited to inform you guys and gals that I had received more info from the same sources that provided me with the scoop which I posted on Aug 7. Here are the latest updates.

1) Singtel will sell the iPhone at 12.01 am (midnight) on Aug 22 at Comcentre at Somerset.
2) I've been informed that Singtel has roped in hundreds of temporary staff and they have undergone training since yesterday. Training will end tomorrow.
3) Those of you who have made reservations online will receive an email later today or tomorrow informing you to head down to Comcentre from midnight of Aug 22.
4) Singtel has received more than 50,000 online reservations and they have more than 50,000 iPhone sets in their hands, ready for sale this week. This means everyone (those who reserved) will get their iPhones this weekend.
5) The first batch of iPhone sales will continue from midnight of Aug 22 till Aug 24 at around 8pm.
6) Singtel is expecting at least 5,000 to show up at midnight of August 22.
7) There will be food and drinks served to those waiting in the queue.
8) As for the pricing, I have nothing much more to add than my previous exclusive report but I can confirm that the Singtel will be coming up with a new plan/package for the iPhone which will bundle both calls and data together.
9) The most expensive of this new iPhone plan will be around $120 per month. Subscribe 24 months and you'll get either the 8GB or 16GB iPhone for free.
10) The iPhone will be locked to the Singtel network but you are able to unlock the handset by calling Singtel Customer Service. No unlocking fee is applicable. Singtel can only unlock iPhones purchased from a Singtel outlet within Singapore.

I'll update more when I hear anything else.

Update: Official Singtel iPhone 3G Price Plans!!!


Allen PECK said...

incredible coverage.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Good stuff dude. It would be great if you have more details on the pricing and plans.

Anonymous said...

impressive. thanks.

Captain Jack Sparrow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Captain Jack Sparrow said...

hey guys u think this price plans is accurate?


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