Friday, August 01, 2008

Live: August 1, 2008 Total Solar Eclipse

7.51pm: It's totally overcast now and that ends the live coverage of the August 1 2008 Total Eclipse.

7.46pm: The last part of the eclipse will be over soon as the moon races away. You can see how cloudy it is. Pic here.

7.34pm: I thought it's amazing the clouds that were threatening to ruin today's total eclipse suddenly cleared seconds before totality began and after the totality ended, they creeped in again. Now they are continuing to cover the partially eclipsed sun. Pic here.

7.25pm: More of the sun appears. Pic here.

7.16pm: The sun is quickly creeping out again after totality ended. Pic here.

7.13pm: It's a miracle! The clouds cleared just before totality started. All the totality pics: here, here, here and here.

7.12pm: My apologies. Totality has begun and ended at such a quick pace that I am struggling to get all the pics up live for you.

7.06pm: It's getting really close to totality! Pic here. Please clouds. Don't spoil this one.

7.05pm: The sun has come out! Still cloudy though.

7.02pm: 8 minutes to totality and it looks like we are going to have a washout! argh!

7.00pm: Apparently it's totally cloudy now over the parts of China that can see the eclipse. I'm checking if the Russian feed has clear sky.

6.56pm: Doesn't look good. Clouds are covering the sun now. Pic here. Damn it! The sun has just disappeared behind the clouds as I write this.

6.52pm: Close up pic of the partial eclipse. No sunspots are seen.

6.45pm: Partial eclipse is already underway. Pic here.

Note: All times are local Singapore time. Pics taken off the LIVE feed from NASA TV and Exploratorium on location in China.

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Cool Insider said...

Very nice photographs there. Reminds me of that famous Bonnie Tyler song, Total Eclipse of the Heart!