Sunday, August 03, 2008

NASA finds Martians, briefs White House before announcing to public

Ok. Maybe not Martians but definitely something big. The White House is being briefed by NASA's Phoenix scientists about something more "provocative" than the recent discovery of water on the surface of Mars. I just pray that there will be no cover-ups and please God, let there be Martians. From Universe Today:
According to scientists in communication with Aviation Week & Space Technology, the next big discovery will need to be mulled over for a while before it is announced to the world. In fact, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory science team for the MECA wet-chemistry instrument that made these undisclosed findings were kept out of the July 31st news conference (confirming water) so additional analysis could be carried out, avoiding any questions that may have revealed their preliminary results. They have also made the decision to discuss the results with the Bush Administration's Presidential Science Advisor's office before a press conference between mid-August and early September.
Update: According to the MarsPhoenix Twitter, this report is untrue. Damn! I smell a cover-up already.

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