Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Tao Lin Strikes Back

On Sunday, I blogged about author Tao Lin announcing an "IPO" of his next novel. Someone then left a comment on that post saying that Tao Lin is a fraud. From the comment:
Tao Lin is a bad person. I can’t imagine anyone with his lack of morals and ethics being a worthwhile writer. He is working on this scheme, as well as other scams, because his parents can’t send him the money that supported him his life now that the federal government is monitoring closely. Remember, there are still civil actions pending and an SEC judgment against them.

...if no mainstream book publishers think his next novel is worth anything, and his current independent publisher thinks it isn’t worth all that much, why should anyone invest in a product like his next novel? The whole project may be fiction.
Apparently, the person who left this comment, also left similar comments on other blogs. Now Tao Lin has taken noticed of this and has written on his blog about the allegations. From Tao Lin:
i thought that for a while and then earlier today i wanted to make a blog post inviting that person to 'guest blog' on this blog for one post so that all that person's shit-talking about me and my parents could be consolidated into one giant shit-talking post; it would probably be the largest, most intense collection of 'anti-tao lin propaganda' on the internet; i would probably feel excited about life having that on my blog, but now i have this plan to try to 'defeat' the person with many 'testimonials' about my actions in concrete reality

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