Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Google Chrome Shocker: No RSS Bookmarks!


I was about to say goodbye to my Firefox after using Google Chrome for about 10 minutes when I realised that the new browser from Google doesn't allow me to save any RSS bookmark. And when I looked at my Google Chrome Bookmarks, I found out that the browser did not import the RSS bookmarks from Firefox. Argh! You can't search your bookmarks on Google Chrome either. So until Google does something about its bookmark feature, looks like I won't say goodbye to my Firefox yet. But if you don't mind those, I think Google Chrome is a very, very good browser. It's super fast - faster than my Firefox and IE, of course - and it doesn't take up as much memory. The tab feature is cool. Everytime you click a new tab it shows you your most visited sites, recent bookmarks and searches. Go download Google Chrome here.

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reene said...

hello, got here via :) I'm actually alright with the rss not there as I'm using Google Reader to get all my feeds. So no difference to me there.

Chrome looks good to me so far, could have better functions but for a beta, it's well-featured.

I penned my thoughts about Chrome in my blog here http://www.tinyurl/chromefirstlook

Do come by & take a look!

GeekGod said...

Ya man I would think that the Google engineers would have thought about an important thing such as RSS bookmarks.

Well this is a beta anyway so maybe they will have one for their next version.

Anonymous said...

i like! but my firefox stays.

finatiq said...

not yet a firefox killer but definitely will eat up into i.e. market share.

Joshua said...

No RSS support at all! (see

idiot said...

It's really annoying, but strangely the browser is so freaking fast I almost don't care.

The reason I can't give up firefox yet is adblock plus. I'm guessing it's just a matter of time before someone makes a plugin or something for chrome, but until then there are some sites that are too annoying to browse without it (read: any site that uses those god awful double-underline link ads).

Adam said...

Use Google Reader. I can't remember the last time I bothered with an RSS bookmark.

Wes Gardner said...

"Use Google Reader. I can't remember the last time I bothered with an RSS bookmark."

You serious? I use Google Reader ('cause I can't go back to Firefox after using Chrome), but it's in no way a substitute for a proper RSS bookmark.