Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Today's Singapore News

The following are stories that are making the headlines over at Topix Singapore News today, edited by yours truly.

-Singapore pilots take first flight in Strike Eagles: Singapore Air Force pilots currently in training with the US Air Force 4th Fighter Wing's 333rd Fighter Squadron somewhere in the skies over Wayne County, take their first flight in their F-15E Strike Eagle fighter planes.
-Whale sharks at IR is a bad move: Nature and animal welfare groups in Singapore have banded together again to oppose the move by the integrated resort on Sentosa to bring in whale sharks for its oceanarium.
-Singapore researchers develop new stem cell therapy for heart disease: Researchers at Singapore's National Heart Centre have successfully used adult stem cells to treat cardiac disease in lab rats by changing the stem cells into heart-like cells.
-Singapore mall goes green: Come 2009, shoppers can look forward to Singapore´s first eco-friendly mall.
-Women trafficked to Singapore lured into prostitution: A growing number of Filipina women are being lured by human trafficking syndicates to Singapore. Promised jobs as "entertainers" in pubs and restaurants, many instead find themselves virtually indentured as prostitutes, working to pay back the cost of getting here.
-Speakers’ Corner gets its first public demonstrations: At about 9am yesterday, 52-year-old businessman Teng Liang Huat registered to put up an exhibition that afternoon. And at the last minute, non-profit group Hearers of Cries, which had earlier registered its evening event as a speech, decided to change this into a demonstration instead, complete with banners.
-Singapore universities organising lewd and improper orientation activities: When National University of Singapore (NUS) freshman Rachel Lee turned up at an orientation camp in campus last month, she got a rude shock. During one of the games, she was made to do a forfeit where the 'girls had to lie down and the guys had to do push-ups over them.
-Many who request heavily subsidised rental flats are not really needy: Just who are 'really needy' among those living in heavily subsidised rental flats? Should those who own a car or plasma TV set, employ a maid or install air-conditioners be ineligible?
-Singaporeans advised to postpone travel to Bangkok: Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) says Singaporeans who do not have a pressing need to travel to Bangkok are advised to postpone their travel plans to a later date.
-Gong Li: Now a Singaporean?: The Singapore media is abuzz with rumours that screen goddess Gong Li has taken up Singaporean citizenship. It all started at a National Citizenship Ceremony last Saturday where about 150 new Singapore citizens were to take their oaths and receive their citizenship certificates.

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