Intelligent, cultured, 22 year old White dude seeking Asian women (pref. Japanese)

If you are out to get Japanese chicks online, then you should try something better than this 22 year old dude's personal ad on Craiglist. Perseus (yes, that's his name!) is looking for an Asian woman between the ages of 16 to 23, petite (no more than 52kg), likes sushi, anime, and video games. Preferably she has to be Japanese (but, of course). Bonus points given to those who have a large collection of anime and manga, wear glasses, have an interest in cosplay and roleplaying, and have traditional ladies' education. Hmmmm. Good luck, Perseus.

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Anonymous said…
I think someone here got yellow fever or have been watching too much jap porn movies and HENTAI.
Anonymous said…
Perseus: Go fug your Pokemon doll!
Anonymous said…
>Good luck, Perseus.

He'll need it.
Anonymous said…
Love his t-shirt! Haaaa!!!
Anonymous said…
What's "traditional ladies' education"??? Home econs? ;oP

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