Finally got my hands on the Vaio Z and the Xperia X1!

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I received two boxes from the courier this afternoon. Inside are the Sony Vaio Z notebook and the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 mobile phone! The Vaio Z is already available in Singapore since September 2008. You can get the Xperia X1 from tomorrow onwards. It costs S$1,298 (recommended retail price) without contract.

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Watch out for my review of these two products sometime next week.

Update: View the unboxing pics of ther Xperia X1 here. The X1 will start selling in stores in Singapore on November 8.


Benjamin Koe said…
Dude, those look sweet! Tell me how the VAIO Z rocks.
Anonymous said…
When are you going to let me play with these toys IZ? ;o)
Anonymous said…
where can we get Xperia X1

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