Angels & Demons teaser trailer now out

The teaser trailer for the highly awaited film adaptation of Angels & Demons, the popular novel by Dan Brown is now out. You can watch it above or over at the official Angels & Demons website. The 1 minute 14 secs teaser starts off with an aerial view of the Vatican City, a voice over and a background music that sounds awfully similar to the one used in The Da Vinci Code movie. After focusing on an eerily looking statue, we're then shown various clips from the movie. Those of you with a sharp eye might be able to spot Ewan McGregor. Ewan who is one of my favourite actors, plays the Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca in the film. Tom Hanks will reprise his role as Robert Langdon. Angels & Demons will debut in Singapore on 14 May next year, one day before its US premiere. I'm going to give the novel one more read before watching the movie.


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