Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sleepless Town the Musical: Exclusive Videos of the Rehearsal!

Yesterday, you had seen the exclusive pictures of the Sleepless Town rehearsal that I posted. Now, here are the videos that I promised. First video (above) is of Mark Richmond and the cast rehearsing the opening scene of Sleepless Town.

Here's 13 year old singing prodigy Julia Roman Abueva showing off her amazing vocals (video above). Yes, she is only 13!!! In the musical, she plays the young girl who is summoned to save Sleepless Town. I've watched videos of her performances on YouTube but seeing her perform live at the rehearsal was really something. She really blew me away!

And lastly, here's a clip (above) for fans of Chua Enlai! Yes, he is really cute, funny and er, forgetful - he couldn't remember some of his lines during the rehearsal. Shhh. Don't tell anyone ok.

Sleepless Town, the must watch musical this year will debut on 27 February at the Drama Centre Theatre and will run till 14 March. Tickets are priced from $30 to $68 and you can get them at Sistic.

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