Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Butterflies of Singapore

I'm starting to follow Butterflies of Singapore, a blog set up to feature news and latest discoveries on butterflies found in Singapore, and to a lesser extent, the extended geographical region of Peninsula Malaysia. There are lots of beautiful butterfly pics too! In its latest post, the blog features its Butterfly of the Month, The Commander. From Butterflies of Singapore:
For the month of February 2009, which also happens to be the month of the year on which my birthday falls, we feature a species which I had used as my avatar and nickname/alter ego in ButterflyCircle - The Commander. I'd chosen this butterfly as my nickname as I had fond memories of chasing this strange-looking and new butterfly that I'd never seen before when I was a school-going kid in Malaysia...

In Singapore, the species is often observed singly, flying rapidly and stopping to sunbathe with its wings open flat on the upper surfaces of leaves. It has a strong and determined flight, is skittish, and takes off to the treetops if it senses any danger. Females are occasionally seen in the vicinity of its preferred host plant, Timonius wallichiana, as she tries to oviposit.

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