Thursday, February 26, 2009

CEO of Air Asia shows off his Manchester United jersey with AirAsia logo on it!


With struggling AIG, not renewing their shirt sponsorship of Manchester United after 2010, Tony Fernandes, the CEO of Air Asia writes in his blog sharing with us his excitement that Manchester United has approached them to consider becoming their new shirt sponsor. Hey, he even has a pic of him wearing the Manchester United jersey with his company's logo already printed on it! From Tony Fernandes:
Doing this would be a first for a Malaysian company and would truly solidify us as a global brand. This pure acknowledgement of us, AirAsia as a global brand to be reckoned with is simply a moment where you just step back and say, “Wow! We’re actually there right now!”.

From the business front, its simply astonishing as it clearly shows how we have progressed as a brand and that this little Malaysian company has gone so far in a mere 7 years to raised our brand to such high levels.

Heres the million dollar question, or rather the multi-million dollar question: Do I commit to the shirt sponsorship of Manchester United?
His latest update here:
There is no doubt that this would be great for AirAsia and as many of you have said, it is worth the money. To be honest, I don’t know what the entire package would amount to, as prices would have come down. But it must be stated that all our branding commitments have always been about the impact to our bottom line. We would not be the global brand we are today if we hadn’t invested early on.

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