Saturday, February 21, 2009

Robert Scoble is following me on Twitter so should you!


I was cleaning up one of my email accounts just now when I came across this mail that was sent to me in January. Somehow I missed it. Anyway, it's always nice to know when one of your heroes is following you on Twitter. Thanks Scoble! So if you enjoy reading stuff like "Warning to guys with grinders! Man's penis injured in grinder accident. Type of grinder cannot be identified." or "Chantelle was sleeping with as many as 8 teen boys. 13 yr old Alfie may not be the father after all. What a slut!" or "My dearest Risa Niigaki, you can take me to the beach anytime! Don't forget to bring along your bikini. Ahem." then you should follow me on Twitter too. Do it!

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