Friday, July 10, 2009

10 Days 10 Tees: Stalk Me On Blogger, Twitter, Facebook

Here's the 2nd T-shirt that I designed for Comboutique Asia's 10 Days 10 Tees campaign. Like it? I'm wearing it today at the office.

A reminder to all you stalkers out there, please feel free to stalk me on Blogger, Facebook and Twitter. Just make sure you don't show up at my office or home aye, but you're welcome to send me breakfast, lunch or gifts. I like toys, gadgets and preferably something expensive. Ahem.

10 Days 10 Tees: Star Blogger
Comboutique Asia appoints Singapore Blogger as Brand Ambassador


YongWei said...

oh hey, saw u at coffeebean, u ordered a latte, u drank only 7/8 of it.

next u went to food court for lunch, u ordered japanese salmon set at 6:50.

i know where you live now.

i'm so stalker

hahha kiddin la, lol damn lousy joke

Superman said...

Nice shirt! But the font type for Stalk Me on could be better.

GeekGod said...

I want this one man but put GeekGod instead of izreloaded.

pinkdior said...

i'll stalk you!!!!! don't your worry iz.

Giselle Loh said...

IZ: Next week, I'm sending you breakfast, lunch, dinner and ME.

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