10 Days 10 Tees: Stargazer

For my 6th T-shirt for Comboutique Asia's 10 Days 10 Tees challenge, I wanted one that I would wear when I'm out stargazing. I love astronomy so I thought I should have something on the T-shirt that tells everyone I'm a stargazer!

The design is pretty simple. I used a stylized font for the word stargazer and then added some stars of different sizes on the top left of the T-shirt. Everything is done using Comboutique Asia's Design Your Own T-shirt interface. Try it out!

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GeekGod said…
What were you looking at IZ? Stars? Hehehe. Nice design btw.
Lady Lara said…
Cute guy who knows astronomy. How hot can a guy get?
Anonymous said…
thanks for introducing me to comboutique asia.... the site is not bad... easy to use... will print my t-shirts with them from now on.
cherryblossom79 said…
wooooh! u into astronomy?? i love the stars.
Rickie said…
Finally, a different pose! Hahaha!
Honky Tong said…
Singapore can stargaze meh? See what here? Or you look at girls with your scope?
Anonymous said…
Are your T-shirts for sale?
sweet stuff! I like!

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