Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Beware of fraud emails

Becareful when you receive emails with subjects such as "PayPal® Account Review Department" and "Supposed notification of unusual activity in your account". These are sophisticated new phishing email techniques used by scammers to dupe users into giving up identity and account information. From Identity Theft 911:
However, a recipient who clicks on this link is actually taken to a bogus web page (complete with stolen PayPal logo)...

On this page is a form that asks for every conceivable piece of personal and account information, from credit/debit card numbers and passwords to Social Security number and mother's maiden name.

...If you receive a phishing email of this kind, do not under any circumstances click on any link or provide any information about yourself or any of your accounts. Please note that if you use the Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) web browser running on Microsoft Windows, there is also a possibility that vulnerabilities in certain versions of IE will allow a malicious program (such as a virus or "Trojan horse") to be installed on your computer, rendering it vulnerable to intrusion.

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