Monday, October 23, 2006

Dr Mahathir in X-Men spinoff movie?

Reader Coffee Addict informs me that over at the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) page for the movie Magneto, an X-Men spinoff, Dr Mahathir is listed in the plot outline of movie! From IMDb (here's the screenshot):

Haha! Someone over at IMDb really has a good sense of humour.

(Thanks Coffee Addict)

Update: Mahathir has been added to the credits! LOL


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't it be a "... befriending a young Charles Xavier"?

Anonymous said...

so who's playing the young Mahathir?

Anonymous said...

what the!!!??

Anonymous said...

Gona be a blockbuster in Msia!

Anonymous said...

dr mahathir should play himself in the movie


Anonymous said...

So that's what he's up to these days