Friday, October 27, 2006


I've just learned a new word, "Sexsomnia". It is a rare medical condition where sufferers (known as sexsomniacs) unknowingly demand, or actually have, sex while asleep and it is affecting quite a lot of people. From Reuters:
Most researchers view sexsomnia as a variant of sleepwalking, where sufferers are stuck between sleep and wakefulness, though sexsomniacs tend to stay in bed rather than get up and walk about.

While sleepwalking affects two to four percent of adults, sexsomnia is not thought to be as common a problem, according to Nik Trajanovic, a researcher at the sleep and alertness clinic at Canada's Toronto Western Hospital.

But an Internet survey of sexsomniacs carried out in 2005 that drew 219 reliable respondents concluded it was more prevalent than medical case reports alone might suggest.

"Most of the time sleep sex occurs between people who are already partners," Mark Pressman, a sleep specialist at Lankenan Hospital in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, told the New Scientist.

"Sometimes they hate it," added Pressman of the reactions of sexsomniacs' partners. "Sometimes they tolerate it. On rare occasions you have stories of people liking it better than waking sex."


Anonymous said...

A person can go around raping others claiming he has sexsomnia.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who sleepwalks and find that scary.

Anonymous said...

Is there a medical condition that combines both sleepwalking and sexsomnia?

That would be awesome!


Anonymous said...

i wanna be a sexsomniac.

Anonymous said...

I always learn something new from your blog.

Anonymous said...

IZ: You learned a new word at 3 in the morning!! I think you got insomnia.

Anonymous said...

I LIKE the sound of it - sex plus sleep together. My two fav activities!

Anonymous said...

Some court cases involving sexsomnia:

On 8 December 2004, a court in Norway found a rape suspect not guilty based on that he might have been asleep when he had sex with a woman. A year later, on 20 October 2005 the man was found guilty by a court of appeal.

On 30 November 2005, a Toronto court acquitted a man of sexual assault after he was diagnosed with sleep sex disorder, although prosecutors have filed an appeal of the acquittal as of February 2006.

In Britain a man from York was cleared of three counts of rape on 19 December 2005.

Anonymous said...

OK you hear a lot of talk that
sexomnia is
a sleep disorder and people dont realise what they are doing. Then how come they
know how to open a packet and put on a condom. I tried to do it in the dark
once, not as straight forward as I thought. So I can imagine it aint going to be
that easy with your eyes shut.