Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Singapore haze hampers British Olympic swimming team

The British Olympics swimming team has to cut short its training in Singapore because of the haze. They are here to get used to the Asian weather and culture in preparation for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. From Guardian:
"It can get really difficult to breathe at times," said Briton Liam Tancock, the 2006 Commonwealth Games 100m backstroke champion.

"We had to change our training routine, making up for missed sessions in the pool with gym work.

"I understand it's not always like that. It is a pity, because the facilities are good, the people are very friendly. Everything about Singapore has been fantastic - apart from the haze," he told the Straits Times broadsheet.

British coach Ben Titley said: "It's a good opportunity for us to come and experience the conditions in Singapore.

"We understand that the weather in Beijing during the Olympics would be similar to Singapore's.

"We've had to cut short our time in the water because of the difficulty in breathing."


Anonymous said...

"Everything about Singapore has been fantastic - apart from the haze"


Anonymous said...

At least they can enjoy their training stint in Australia next and breath easier.

Anonymous said...

We Brits can blame the Singapore haze if we do not do well for the Asian Games.