Monday, October 09, 2006

North Korea Cartoon VCD

No country in the world, even if they have nuclear weapons can call themselves a superpower unless they have.... their very own e-commerce website! North Korea has one - the KFA Shop! And since today is the day North Korea tested its first nuclear weapon, why not we commemorate this event by buying the DPRK Cartoon in VCD from the KFA Shop? The VCD contains 3 chapters of a famous cartoon in North Korea. A review on the website says, "Great cartoon! Realistic and human! Wish it had English subt .." And if North Korean cartoons are not your cup of tea, the KFA Shop also offers Karaoke VCDs, music CDs, badges, etc. The site uses PayPal, a US company owned by eBay. How's that for US-North Korea relations?

Update: Reader Zi Chao says, "That's not the only official North Korea e-commerce website. Here's another - Naenara. It sells various kinds of products of the DPRK, including software, works of art and e-books." (Thanks Zi Chao)


Lord Kimbo said...

"Great cartoon! Realistic and human! Wish it had English subt .."

Which part of the cartoon is human?


finatiq said...

maybe the cartoon is kim jong il's favourite.