Monday, October 09, 2006

Inside the new GV VivoCity

A Nutshell Review takes a look inside Singapore's largest cineplex - the new GV VivoCity. Lotsa pics! From A Nutshell Review:
There're 3 Gold Class theatres with its own lounge area, complete with wine and rich food (the brownie's excellent I tell you). For those who can afford it, it's probably the best halls in the house. The seats are plush and comfy, and able to recline flat horizontally, or whatever angle that suits your fancy. You'll also be able to summon your food and drinks through the call-button, think of it like watching a movie on board a flight, only that the screen's much larger.
And over at the GV VivoCity website, you can view pictures showing the making of the cineplex.

(Thanks Shy)


JD said...

i went vivo to check it out.
Feels Oddly familiar... it feels like Mall of Emirates.

"cept Mall of Emirates have a tinge of class. Vivo feels... too colorful.

dann said...

The new cineplex is awesome but location sucks.

finatiq said...

gold class theatres are good for impressing your first date.

Mr Big said...

30 dollars per ticket!!

Myra Leong said...

I like the green seats.

Shy said...

dann: agree. too far.