Monday, October 23, 2006

Toilets for really fat people

If you are among the obese and find that regular toilets are a little too small for your liking, then you may want to consider the Great John toilet - THE toilet for really fat people. From Great John:
A regular toilet has a terribly small seat. This creates very uncomfortable pressure points, consequently producing numbness in the legs and thighs from lack of proper blood flow. Our toilet seats have 150% more contact surface area than a standard elongated seat, yet it can be used by a small person or a child in a safe way. Considering ergonomics, the toilet seat and bowl have more than 6 extra inches in the front. We made the toilet bowl 17 ½” tall, which gives most people an easier time getting up. It also makes it ADA compliant. Finally, for those of us that are tall regardless of our weight, a standard toilet seat and a low toilet bowl create a very cramped and uncomfortable position. The GJ toilet has 10.5” longer legs and thighs clearance than a standard round toilet assuring a comfortable and ultra-relaxed experience.

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