Saturday, September 08, 2007

Police sends out riot vehicles to counter toy protestors

Singapore takes its "no protest" stance pretty seriously. Recently a small group of Japanese anime fans decided to gather at the Youth Park with their cavalry of toys to protest against a clampdown on Internet downloading of anime material by Singapore animation distributor Odex.

(Photo above taken from here)

So cute and creative aye! But Big Brother thinks that these toys will start a riot so they call in four of their anti-riot vehicles. No kidding!

(Photo above taken from here)

Riot police vs action figures! Poor action figures - they don't stand a chance. So remember kids, don't use your toys for an outdoor protest ok? You don't want to unnecessary activate the riot police. Leave your toys at home where they belong.

(This story was brought to my attention by someone who posted this link to Topix Singapore News, where I edit.)

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Anonymous said...

Leave toys at home better.

Don't want them to be confiscated by paranoid police.

Boywonder said...

What a pity lah! Very innovative protest there.

zinc said...

wat r they so scared of? that the toys will walk and march on the streets? haaaa!

xXx said...

Our police really have nothing better to do. Riot bus not use that often so they must take every opportunity to drive them out.

Bengster said...

So much free time liao

toyster said...

Now, the police is afraid of toys. Maybe, they think that toys will transform into real robots and monsters.

moby said...

If I was one of the Special Ops Command guys I'd be cursing under my breath in the red bus. Wake up from sleeping in the bunk to battle toys. Ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Singapore gov has shown their wonderful support for anim fans by sending their three very big toy cars to join in the protesting ! Now the toys can take a ride in those toy vehicle. What's a compliment !

We should thank gov for that. See, odex, you are busted !

Anonymous said...

Actually, from the blog reports, the cops were quite polite and didn't directly interfere.

They did take down the ID of the participants though, and followed them in plainclothes (not very discreetly) after that.

It seems more like they didn't want some crazy people to come back later and start a REAL riot. Heaven knows there are some stupid people like that...

the critic said...

Just what Singaporeans need.

More self humiliation.

While other countries have riot units to stop protest over goverment issues and shit.

We have riot units to stop protestors and their toys?

What next?

The next time anyone pulls out a psp from their pocket a policeman gonna come hitting them into a coma with his baton?