Monday, March 03, 2008

National Museum's Open-air Screening of Jason and the Argonauts

On Saturday, the National Museum of Singapore held an open-air screening of Jason and the Argonauts. The 1963 film tells the story of Jason, who in order to make his rightful claim to the kingdom of Thessaly, must travel to the faraway land of Colchis to obtain the magical Golden Fleece that has powers to bring peace and prosperity to his troubled land. He assembles a crew of the greatest athletes in Greece including Hercules for his voyage and with the help of Argos, builds a ship to sail to the ends of the world.

I have heard about Jason and the Argonauts before but this was my first time watching it. The film is one of the great achievements of 20th century motion picture special effects and I can see why. The stop motion work used in the film was a joy to watch especially the climatic battle scene with the army of skeletons. It's amazing that a film way back in 1963 can achieve such special effects.

I really enjoyed watching it and more so since it was my first time at the National Museum's Open-Air Screening. Watching such a classic movie under the night sky with the majestic building of the museum just next to me was a memorable experience.

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