Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Thai monks fooling around on social networking websites

Monks in Thailand are becoming more high tech nowadays. They are using popular social networking websites to woo women. Thai officials are not too happy. From Reuters:
"I call on Hi5 users to tell the monks to leave the site if they are found using it," junior minister Jakrapob Penkair told reporters after a Buddhist monitoring group said some monks were flirting on the Web site popular with Thai users...

A senior Culture Ministry official said monks should not be banned from the cyberspace, but should turn this "crisis" into "opportunity" by bringing Buddha's teaching to the young.

"Instead of using the Net to flirt with young girls, monks should find ways to preach Dharma and lead them in the right direction," said Ladda Thangsupachai, head of the Cultural Surveillance Centre.

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