Singapore wins at least a silver medal in Olympics!


Move aside Li Jiawei! Feng Tianwei is the new darling of Singapore! Tianwei won her vital second singles match in today's Semi Finals of the Olympics Table Tennis event to help Singapore beat South Korea 3-2. She was the No 73 in the world rankings back in August last year. She entered the match today at No 9 - what an amazing rise in rankings - and now she can be proud of herself for getting Singapore's long awaited Olympic medal. The whole of Singapore will cheer her name!

I was live blogging the match on my Twitter. It was nail biting stuff. You can read my Tweets here:

-Singapore takes 1st set against the Koreans in the Olympics Table Tennis Semi-Final. 2nd set now on with Li Jiawei! (First set was won by Tianwei)
-Li Jiawei blew it once again. She has just lost the 2nd singles match. It's Singapore 1 South Korea 1. Doubles next.
-Doubles on now. Singapore's Li Jiawei and Wang Yuegu has taken first game! Jiawei has to forget about her singles match and perform!
-Singapore leads South Korea 2-1 in the Olympics Table Tennis Semi-Final! (Both Jiawei and Yuegue beat their South Korean counterparts in the Doubles)
-What a nail biting game! Unfortunately South Korea has just tied the game 2-2. Tianwei has to win it for Singapore next. Go Tianwei! (Yuegu lost in her 2nd Singles match)
-Feng Tianwei was No 73 in the world rankings in August 2007. Now she is No 9! She cld be Singapore's darling if she wins this match!
-Go Singapore!!! It's 11-7 to Tianwei! Come on Tiawei! Win the next two games and you'll win an Olympic medal for Singapore!
-I'm not a big fan of table tennis but this is intense!
-Tianwei has done it! Now its 2-0! One more game and it's over!!! Come on Singapore! Damn Im feeling so patriotic now.
-Shit! Tianwei! Focus girl. Focus.
-It's 2-1 now. Sigh. But Tianwei still leads. I think she has to stop thinking about the $750k prize money.
-5-0! Come on Tianwei! Come on Singapore!!!!! Do it! Do it!
-7-5 now. It's so close for Tianwei. I hope she does it. Singapore will never be this close to a silver medal again!
-Fark!! The South Korean has leveled it to 7-7.
-Every hair is standing on the back of my neck and arms as I watch this.
-She's done it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Singapore ladies table tennis team gets at least a silver thanks to Feng Tianwei! We are off to the Final! Amazing! Truly amazing!

Congrats again to Tianwei and the rest of the Singapore team. Now let's go for the Gold medal ok?

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Anonymous said…
I think You meant CHINA...iz.
Anonymous said…
I think if it was Li Jiawei playing the last match, we will not win it.
Anonymous said…
congrates Singapore.
Anonymous said…
li jiawei did her best. she lost her singles match but it was a close one.
Anonymous said…
And who wins it for Singapore? Your China imports.
Anonymous said…
Feng Tianwei only came to Singapore last year.

I think she is a better player than Li Jiawei.

Tianwei has even beaten the China's World Number 1 in March this year.
Anonymous said…
can u tell me how jiawei performed in her doubles match with yuegu? was she bad?
Anonymous said…
Ok do we get a public holiday for this?
Anonymous said…
GAH... this isn't singapore, this is foreign talent. It'd be so much better if it were HOMEGROWN talent we've got. This isn't Singapore's medal.

But well done anyway.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
they will choose tianwei to carry the singapore flag next olympics ;oP
Anonymous said…
what the heck. so what if they are imports? results man. like in sales - we don't give a shit what you do as long as sales comes in.

It's business and it's time people wake up to that. So stop sulking and whining. You guys can't produce a winner so why not let others help you? no point being proud. Forget about dignity and principles if you want to succeed. it's all or nothing. Winners take it all, losers standing small.
Anonymous said…
oh yeah. incidentally, US fields china-born players for its team too.
Anonymous said…
Well done ladies. Do enjoy the $750k prize money.
Anonymous said…
So the final will be China vs China then?
Anonymous said…
if s'pore depends on its own people, it will never win a medal.

that's why we need foreign talent who can be paid to do the job right.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Indeed, so what it's import and it's like business.

We should sack the person who import these silver medalist! This is bad investment! Since we buy them in, we want the best and nothing but the best.

Yet the importer buy the second best. Its either he has poor jugdement or he thinks silver is good enough.

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