Monday, October 06, 2008

Singapore Day is a waste of time?

Singaporean dude who works as a nurse in Australia, has some interesting views on Singapore Day which was held in Melbourne two days ago. From My World of Nursing Down Under:
1st: the queue for is hideous.. how can people enjoy (while being hungry till noon) with extremely small sample size of their food??besides the queue for it was extremely long to the fact that either you will be queuing for food to fill your tummy or sit and wait for the performance with a hungry tummy...for young couples with a kid it couldn't be any worst...either parent have to stay behind to look after their trolleys/ prams while the other half go half an hour for 1 portion of food (only 1 sample of food per person) Singaporean day was effectively another day at demonstrating our Singaporean trend to queue for almost anything...what a great way to enjoy an outing!!

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