Monday, October 06, 2008

Today's Singapore News

The following are stories that are making the headlines over at Topix Singapore News today, edited by yours truly.

-NTU students start online newspaper: Four students from Nanyang Technological University have started their own online newspaper after their school stopped the campus news platforms from running stories about an opposition politician's visit to the school.
-Singapore students protest university censorship: A group of students staged a rare protest in Singapore on Sunday against their university's censorship of a campus newspaper article.
-Teen sex and the Parent factor: Blame it on the media and the Internet; the lack of parental support; even the lack of discipline in schools — whatever the reason, the number of sexually-transmitted infections (STIs) among young people in Singapore has nearly doubled over the last 10 years.
-Help with electricity hikes: Measures to help ease the impact of the 'rather large' hike in electricity tariffs could be introduced in next year's Budget.
-Ocean race to give Sentosa hotels a boost: Yachts taking part in the gruelling 10-month round-the-world race will stop over at the One Degree 15 Marina Club on Sentosa from 22 Dec to 18 Jan.
-Serangoon Garden residents still uneasy: Residents in Serangoon Gardens are still uneasy that 600 foreign workers will stay near them once the former Serangoon Garden Technical School is turned into a dormitory.
-Financial system here safe: In an uncertain economic climate that has seen seemingly rock-solid financial institutions in the United States topple one after another, anxious residents yesterday quizzed the Finance Minister himself on Singapore's financial system.
-Singapore GIC's key man sees opportunities in gloom: When Tony Tan, executive director of Singapore's biggest sovereign wealth fund, warned in July the world might plunge into its worst recession in 30 years, many shrugged off his remarks as too gloomy.
-Singapore facing economic slowdown: Singapore will see an economic slowdown that could last several quarters as the subprime mortgage meltdown has evolved into a global economic crisis.
-Global economic crunch could impact Singapore job market: The global economic crunch could impact Singapore's job market, but the country is confident that it has the right fundamentals to sail through the rough patch.
-Buy electricity? Pick a pricing plan: In about three years, buying electricity could become similar to choosing one's cellphone price plan.

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