Thursday, February 05, 2009

Charting Christian Bale: An Astrological Look at the Man Behind the Rant

Master astrologer Lynn Hayes attempts to understand why Christian Bale is so angry. It's in the planets and stars damn it! From National Ledger:
Aquarians carry that complicated dynamic within them, and for Christian Bale that dynamic is particularly strong with three planets in that one sign. On the one hand, he is a hard worker who understands the need to embrace his responsibility (he also has Saturn retrograde in his chart which suggests that he feels he has to work harder than anyone else in order to prove his worth). On the other hand, he has his own ideas for how things should be done and resists the pressure of authority. Mars (god of war and aggression) forms a square, a challenging aspect, to his Sun which reveals his heightened aggressive tendencies. Mars is a bit of a bully when it is in conflict with other planets in the chart, and Mars also is widely square to Bale's Mercury (mind) and Jupiter (confidence). He has a tremendous amount of energy and if it's not channeled properly this energy can erupt into anger and rage.
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